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Market   Bid Ask Spread
EURUSD 1.07051 1.07066 1.5
GBPUSD 1.26860 1.26877 1.7
USDJPY 157.380 157.411 3.1
ZARJPY 7.602 7.709 10.7
AUDUSD 0.66144 0.66159 1.5
EURCHF 0.95300 0.95322 2.2
EURGBP 0.84370 0.84395 2.5
EURJPY 168.472 168.514 4.2
GBPJPY 199.663 199.713 5
USDCAD 1.37335 1.37353 1.8
USDCHF 0.89019 0.89035 1.6
AUDCAD 0.90839 0.90867 2.8
AUDCHF 0.58885 0.58901 1.6
AUDJPY 104.104 104.137 3.3
AUDNZD 1.07671 1.07733 6.2
CADCHF 0.64811 0.64840 2.9
CADJPY 114.584 114.620 3.6
CHFJPY 176.761 176.831 7
EURAUD 1.61815 1.61857 4.2
EURCAD 1.47012 1.47049 3.7
EURNOK 11.4006 11.4439 43.3
EURNZD 1.74276 1.74327 5.1
EURSEK 11.2367 11.2685 31.8
GBPAUD 1.91753 1.91823 7
GBPCAD 1.74223 1.74266 4.3
GBPCHF 1.12924 1.12977 5.3
GBPNZD 2.06527 2.06597 7
NZDCAD 0.84338 0.84375 3.7
NZDCHF 0.54670 0.54695 2.5
NZDJPY 96.659 96.684 2.5
NZDUSD 0.61414 0.61430 1.6
USDNOK 10.6553 10.6939 38.6
USDPLN 4.08930 4.09310 38
USDSEK 10.50840 10.51460 62
AUDSGD 0.88210 0.88247 3.7
CHFSGD 1.50707 1.51263 55.6
EURMXN 18.75278 18.76500 122.2
EURPLN 4.3701 4.3913 21.2
EURSGD 1.48062 1.48092 3
EURTRY 35.09092 35.11460 236.8
EURZAR 20.81940 20.83620 168
GBPSGD 1.71391 1.71478 8.7
GBPZAR 24.20236 24.21264 102.8
HKDJPY 18.406 18.424 1.8
MXNJPY 8.423 8.442 1.9
NOKJPY 14.040 14.239 19.9
NOKSEK 1.04421 1.05077 65.6
NZDSGD 0.81743 0.81792 4.9
SEKJPY 13.407 13.632 22.5
SGDJPY 116.238 116.296 5.8
USDCNH 7.26986 7.27217 23.1
USDHKD 7.81084 7.81145 6.1
USDMXN 18.4406 18.5020 61.4
USDSGD 1.35315 1.35356 4.1
USDTRY 32.76123 32.82432 630.9
USDZAR 18.3176 18.3951 77.5

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Trade Forex online with no requotes, super-low commission rates, faster execution, and up to 1:2000 leverage.

When a trade is executed, the associated cost is referred to as the spread. Axon Markets offers optimal price quotes sourced from our liquidity providers, ensuring improved pricing and liquidity to enhance your trading success.

Leverage trading empowers you to expand your total market exposure without the need for additional initial capital. This increased leverage has the potential to significantly magnify the outcomes of your trades, making it crucial to exercise caution and discretion in its application.

Please note that the spreads displayed are indicative and are based on our standard account. Spreads may vary depending on your account type and prevailing market conditions.

For a comprehensive list of instrument spreads, click here


6 Reasons to Embrace the Thrilling Journey of Forex Trading


Forex offers 24/5 trading, giving you the flexibility to trade at your convenience, whether you're a night owl or an early bird.


You don't need a huge capital to start trading forex. With a small budget, you can dive into the market and experience the excitement.


Forex provides access to a vast
array of currency pairs, allowing
you to explore different economies and diversify your trading strategies.


Forex is known for its dynamic and fast-paced nature, offering exciting opportunities to capitalise on price fluctuations.


With proper risk management and strategy, forex trading can offer the potential for significant profits.


Buckle up and take control of the trading world by harnessing the incredible power of leverage.

Frequently Asked Question

Let's talk about forex trading! It's like a cool game where you can trade different currencies from all around the world. You're basically buying one currency while selling another, hoping to make a profit when their values change. It's a bit like predicting which way the wind will blow, but don't worry, you'll have tools and analysis to help you make smart moves. So, get ready to join the global trading party and have a blast exploring the forex market!

Hold on tight, 'cause it's massive! The forex market is like a bustling city that never sleeps, with trillions of dollars exchanging hands every single day! Yep, you heard that right - trillions! It's the largest financial market worldwide, where currencies from all around the globe dance to their own beat. From big banks to small traders like us, everyone's part of this epic trading party. So, if you're up for a thrilling and dynamic market with endless possibilities, welcome to the incredible world of forex trading!

Alright, here's the deal with forex trading! It's like a big global marketplace where you buy and sell currencies. You're basically trading one currency for another, hoping its value will change in your favor. When you think a currency will go up in value, you buy it. And when you believe it'll go down, you sell it. It's all about making smart predictions and using analysis to make informed decisions. Just imagine it as a thrilling trading adventure, where you can explore different currencies and ride the waves of the market! So, ready to embark on your forex journey? Let's start trading and having some fun!

Wondering why people are into forex trading? People love it because it's like a thrilling financial playground. You get to explore different currencies, ride the ups and downs of the market, and hopefully make some sweet profits! Plus, it's open 24/5, so you can trade whenever suits you best. It's a chance to be part of a global community, learn new skills, and feel the excitement of the financial world. So, are you ready to join the forex fun and unleash your trading potential? Let's get started!

So, is forex trading just like gambling? Well, here's the scoop! While both involve risks, they're pretty different. Forex trading is more like a skill-based adventure. Traders use analysis, strategies, and knowledge to make informed decisions. It's not about luck, but rather staying informed and playing smart in the market. On the other hand, gambling is more about chance and luck, like rolling the dice without any analysis. So, forex trading is a bit like a game, but one where you can learn, grow, and make better moves over time! Ready to explore the world of forex trading with confidence? Let's do it!

Ever wonder why currency prices go up and down in forex trading? Well, several things play a part! First, economic indicators like GDP, jobs, and inflation can make currencies stronger or weaker. Then, decisions from central banks, like interest rate changes, can have a big impact too. Also, politics and global events, along with trader sentiments, can cause price swings. And don't forget about commodity prices and interest rate differences! It's like a big puzzle, and all these pieces affect the forex market. So, keep an eye on the news and get ready to navigate the exciting world of forex trading!

Absolutely! Forex trading is a legitimate and legal activity around the globe. It's a massive financial market where currencies are traded openly and transparently. People from all walks of life participate in forex trading every day. But hey, remember that like any investment, there are risks involved. So, always trade with trusted brokers, stay informed, and never fall for scams promising quick riches. With the right approach and knowledge, forex trading can be a fantastic opportunity to grow your wealth and explore the exciting world of finance. So, let's trade responsibly and start this legit forex adventure!

The forex market is like a 24/5 party that never stops! From Sunday evening to Friday evening (in UTC), traders worldwide can join in on the fun. As one financial center closes, another opens, creating a seamless cycle of trading excitement! So, whether you're an early bird or a night owl, there's always a chance to explore the forex market and make some thrilling trades.

The forex market is like a never-ending party with different sessions! First up, we've got the Asian session, where currencies from the East take the stage. Then comes the European session, with major players like the Euro in the spotlight. And finally, the North American session, where the US Dollar dances to its own rhythm. Each session brings its unique vibe and opportunities, and when they overlap, it's like a trading jam!

When different trading sessions overlap, it's like adding extra seasoning to the forex mix! More traders from around the world join in, bringing higher trading volumes and excitement. That's when volatility comes alive, like a roller coaster ride with price swings and thrilling opportunities! But when the market takes a break during single-session hours, things might simmer down a bit. So, if you're up for some wild market moves, keep an eye on those lively trading sessions!

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