10+ Commodity CFDs Supported by Deep Liquidity

The benefits of Indices:

  • Energy and precious metals trading
  • Exposure to real-life worldwide events
  • Attractive investment alternative
  • Deep liquidity and reliable execution
  • Competitively low spreads

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Instrument Specifications

Instrument Avg. Spread
Margin Requirements
Contract Size
per lot
Minimum Tick Size Long Swap
Short Swap
XAUUSD 2.8 0 0.40% 100 0.01 -40.39 9.65
XAGUSD 3.1 0 0.40% 100 0.001 -4.9 1.29
XPTUSD 9.1 0 1.00% 100 0.01 -19.25 -1.93
WTIUSD 0.5 0 1.00% 100 0.01 -1.84 -0.18
BRNUSD 0.3 0 1.00% 100 0.01 -1.91 -0.19
XNGUSD 3.2 0 2.00% 10000 0.0001 -6.01 -0.61

Trading Conditions

Commodities Trading Sessions

(GMT+2 time zone, please note that DST apply in the summer) METALS: Open: Monday 01:10 | Close: Friday 23:45 Daily session break: 23:50 - 01:10 WTI: Open: Monday 01:05 | Close: Friday 23:10 Daily session break: 23:55 - 01:05 BRN: Open: Monday 01:05 | Close: Friday 23:10 Daily session break: 23:55 - 03:10


Spreads at Axon Markets are floating, view the real-time spreads from your trading platform. The average spreads indicated in the above table are calculated throughout the day to represent the average daily spread for each symbol. Despite our best efforts to offer reasonable spreads during all trading hours, clients should be aware that these are subject to change depending on underlying market conditions. The above is provided for indicative purposes only, spreads may widen as a result of important news announcements, political uncertainty, unexpected events that can lead to volatile market conditions, or at the open/close of the business day when there is less liquidity.

Leverage and Margin requirements (variable)

For Gold (XAU) and Silver (XAG), the specified Margin Requirements indicated in the above table are based on the maximum available leverage. Margin requirements for these instruments are tied to the amount of the leverage you use and can be altered by changing your leverage from your Client Area. The company reserve the rights to increase margin requirements if it deems it to be necessary.

Margin requirements (fixed)

Margin requirements for Platinum (XPT), Crude Oil (WTI, BRN) are fixed irrespective of your account's leverage. XPT: 1:200, WTI & BRN: 1:100


There is an overnight (rollover) amount deducted or added to your account for holding a trade position open overnight, commonly referred to as the 'Swap'. Swap also applies to non-FX instruments, due to the fact that all instruments are traded in a particular currency which incurs an interest rate. When the swap rate is negative, the amount is subtracted from the trading position. The amount is credited when the swap rate is positive. In the trading terminal, the swap is automatically converted into the account's deposit currency. Swap operations are conducted at midnight 00:00 Server time (GMT+2 time zone, please note DST may apply) and can take several minutes. On Wednesdays Swaps are charged for three days to cover the weekend.


Axon Markets does not charge any trading commission for the Standard account.

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Exposure to real life and worldwide events
Trade CFDs on commodities without owning the underlying instrument

Energy and Metals, as are agriculture goods, are all commodities. These products are sold on futures markets, and their value is determined by demand and supply factors. Commodity demand is often influenced by broader factors such as economic cycles and population increase. Even during periods of inflation or economic instability, contract-based tradable commodities is a solid way of risk mitigation, since it protects both the contract buyer and seller from severe price swings that could result in higher losses. By trading these CFD assets with Axon Markets you get to participate in this market and gain by the changes in these assets underline values.


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